Why LiION?

Professional management

Prof. Ashok Shukla

An Emeritus professor from IISc with 40 years research experience on specialized batteries, published about 350 technical papers and holding about 20 patents.

Dr. Fu Zhao

Dr. Fu Zhao: A PhD. from South China University, specialized in Lithium batteries and fuel cells. Established 3 Lithium battery companies in China and holding more than 20 patents.

Mr. S.A. Gaffoor

Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years’ industrial experience in establishing battery technologies and manufacturing units. Holding more than 10 patents including 3 from USA. Promoted and business established for one of the leading battery manufacturing companies successfully for about 20 years.


LilON’s vision is to gain confidence of customers and to expand our business to cell manufacturing with refined technology from Premier Research Indian Institutes by the year 2021.


LilON’s mission is to provide reliable and total energy solutions for Indian operating conditions.

Our partners

Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2001 and is a leading manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries in China. The major products are: Polymer Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion (NCM), Lithium Ion (LFP) & Primary Lithium batteries for Energy Storage and EV applications. Great Power established a R&D Center which consists of more than 400 research scientists in collaboration with Tianjin University. It has applied for 100 patents and has been awarded more than 50 patents on advanced Lithium Ion battery technologies. Great Power has established 5 modern manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhumadian, Changzhou & Fukui (Japan) and products are being exported to more than 50 countries including USA, Europe, Canada, Britain & Japan.

Suzhou Chilwee New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd is devoted to provide high end professional Lithium battery solutions worldwide. They specialize in research and manufacturing of Lithium Ion batteries for e-Bikes, e-Scooters, e-Motorcycles & Energy Storage Systems.

Great Power Energy & Technology Co. Ltd and Suzhou Chilwee New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd have authorized Roshan EnergyTechnologies Pvt. Ltd., as exclusive business partner in India for promoting their Lithium Ion batteries (NCM & LFP) for Energy Storage and EV applications.